Family-Run Chinese Restaurant Exposes Lying Yelp Reviewer With Video Footage Justice

A mom and pop Bay Area Chinese restaurant has become the latest establishment to be pulled into the Yelp war between good and evil when a lying scumbag and aspiring elite Yelper left a negative review of his experience at the restaurant, only to be caught on video having lied about the whole thing.
The restaurant, Wonderful, is located in Millbrae, California and is run by Junsong Xue. The Yelper, Dan W., left his one-star review on Yelp after his visit to Wonderful.
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Xue’s son, You You, saw the terrible Yelp review while studying abroad and told his father about it. “We are too busy I don’t even go to yelp sometime, my son checks often though,” Junsong told Ratter. After telling his father, You You went to look at the video footage to find out what exactly happened.
A second angle of the restaurant clearly shows that it’s packed and other people are already waiting.
After finding a guy who met Dan W.’s description who came in around the time he claimed, You You saw that he wasn’t mistreated at all and concluded that Dan W. was a liar. You You then posted this snarky response to Dan’s review.


In the interest of being fair to what you said, I am posting video of our service from 18:45 to 19:30 on 18 March 2015. If at any time you see yourself walk in and talk to the server, let me know, and I will gladly post a large banner that says “I’m sorry Dan for calling you a liar”. Otherwise, you must be hearing voices, because I sure don’t see you talking to anyone in the restaurant.

Dan, I appreciate all feedback I receive from customers. However, I’d appreciate it if it was (1) constructive, and (2) truthful.

In this first video, you can see that you entered at 19:07, which is earlier than you quoted. You can also see that you did not wait a minute at the door. You spent a total of 22 seconds in the establishment. This video also clearly shows that there were other patrons waiting. We are sincerely sorry that we forgot to recognise your very, very “VIP” status at wonderful, a status so special that you don’t have to sign the waiting list like everyone else… I’ve never been to a restaurant where to refuse to seat people because they’re wearing what you were wearing… You’re dreaming if you think that’s why you didn’t get service.

You can clearly see Dan walk into the picture from the outside at 19:07:00, and then he leaves the picture at 19:08:00. He does not communicate with any servers, and servers were cleaning tables to be able to serve the next customers in line on the waiting list posted at the door.

Dan, we didn’t refuse to seat you. You refused to wait in line like everyone else. You thought you were special, so special that you don’t have to follow the rules. That’s not true, we caught you.

You are prohibited from returning to wonderful. If we catch you, you will be arrested for trespassing.


Dan W. then actually shot back by saying it was not him, that he didn’t give his permission for them to post that video of “not him,” and threw in the term “cyberbully” in response on his now-deleted Yelp review:

“Aftermath: the owner put an inflammatory response with video of someone else claiming it was me. I also did not give you permission to put video of me on the internet. After that people start harrasing me and threatening to tarnish my reputation online if I did not remove this review. I’d love a ceasefire, take down your BS and I’ll gladly take down this review (which again is not fake). That response and situation of only further shows you character. Perhaps they cyberbully and threaten anyone who rates less than a 3?”

You You explained:

“This customer really ruins and brings shame to the community of self-made critics, whether they are on Yelp or not.”

Since the one-star drama, Dan W., whoever he may be, has been banned from Wonderful. The restaurant itself is busier than ever, with supportive locals visiting to counter Dan W.’s negative review. Wonderful is now flooded with five-star reviews. But owner Junsong ended everything on the highest note by saying:

“If (Dan) comes here I will shake his hand and I will take care of his meal. What can I do to make this person happy? That is my philosophy.”

What’s the moral of the story? Yelp isn’t to be trusted.
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