Family of Eurasian Teen Brutally Raped and Murdered in Paraguay Seeks Help From FBI

Family of Eurasian Teen Brutally Raped and Murdered in Paraguay Seeks Help From FBIFamily of Eurasian Teen Brutally Raped and Murdered in Paraguay Seeks Help From FBI
The family of an American teen who was raped, tortured, and murdered in Paraguay is now demanding the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to speed up probe in the case that first shook the South American country two years ago.
Luis Alejandro Villamayor, nicknamed Alex, was found dead on the luxurious family estate of a friend, René Hofstetter, 18, on June 27, 2015. He was just 16 years old.
With a gunshot wound to the head, initial investigations stated that Alex, who went to drink mushroom tea with Hofstetter and another friend, Alain Jacks Díaz de Bedoya, committed suicide.
Alex Villamayor
But as evidence emerged, Alex, who was wounded on the right side of his head, had the gun in his left hand. Neither his hands nor clothing had gunshot residue.
An autopsy report also revealed that the teenager was violently abused, having deep bruises and marks inflicted by a stick.
The autopsy also discovered semen on Alex’s anus, which, following a DNA test, was found to belong to him, puzzling his family further.
Another name to come into the picture is Matthias Wilbs, the 35-year-old ranch hand of the Hofstetter’s estate, who reportedly admitted to hiding the murder weapon and placing a non-functioning decoy on Alex’s hand.
Alex and his father, Luis Felipe Villamayor
Just before his death, Alex called his father, Luis Felipe Villamayor, a former congressman in Paraguay. That call was cut short, and Alex failed to pick up when his father called back.
Investigations also revealed that Hoffstetter called his father — who is now in hiding — more than 50 times beginning at 3 a.m. on June 27.
René Hofstetter
Hofstetter and his parents reportedly fled to Germany as the murder case escalated, claiming that the the teen was receiving psychological help. He and Wilbs are currently in prison awaiting trial for the case, which is now being treated as a murder. The next trial is scheduled for February 19, 2018. The other teen suspect, de Bedoya, then 16, was acquitted.
Before his death, Alex planned to live with his aunt, Kim Luk, in Maryland and study business management at Montgomery College. Luk is currently leading efforts to bring Alex justice. She aims to change U.S. laws so that no American murder can be investigated without FBI’s involvement.
Paraguayan officials are currently denying assistance from the FBI. Luk told the Daily Beast in an interview:
“Alex and I were so close. He was such an amazing kid, I can’t even tell you. We miss him every single day.
“More people have to understand what happens to you when you travel overseas. We’re in an administration right now that is seeking Americans first. This is a perfect time for us to change laws.”
Alex and his mother, Puning Luk
Alex’s mother, Puning Luk, could not believe what his friends did to her son.
“I thought it would be good for him to go to the ranch and have some fun,” she said. “I never imagined in a million years he was going to be beaten, raped and killed by his friends.”
Meanwhile, Alex’s father criticized Norman Stanley, the lawyer representing Hofstetter, who also happens to be running for a position in the Orgullo Colorado party in Paraguay.
Luis Villamayor wrote on Facebook:
“Alex’s truth will have to wait for politics. Once again, the oral trial of the defendants for the murder of my son Alex was suspended. The reason? The defense counsel is in political campaign.
“I mean, Dr. Norman Stanley is very busy going from here trying to convince people that he’s a great guy, a sensitive person, a ‘good citizen’ worthy of people’s votes. But it says the word ‘by their fruits you will know them.’
“The reality is that he does not care that Alex’s parents, his brothers and relatives and many others who loved him so much, let us continue to, with our condemnation of eternal suffering, going and coming to courts, hoping that this ordeal finish.
“This is the kind of morally bankrupt people who unfortunately abound in politics. People who don’t care beyond their selfish and petty political pretensions. You don’t realize it seems, this is not a case that has to do with a promissory note, a land or a pet. It’s about the truncated life of a 16-Year-old boy! A boy who did nothing to deserve that tragic end and his family that deserves at least an answer!
“But it’s okay, Dr. Stanley, just keep trying to convince people that you are.”
Photos via Facebook / Luis Villamayor, Puning Luk
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