People Doing the ‘Falling Stars Challenge’ in China are Getting Fined By the Police

A Chinese woman was recently fined for a traffic violation after dropping face down on the ground at a road in Shanghai to take part in a trend called the “Falling Stars Challenge.”

In the popular social media trend — which is meant to show off one’s wealth online — participants post a photo of themselves lying face down as if they have just fallen. The image must include situations or items that would make it look as extravagant as possible.


“The Falling Stars Challenge” originated in Russia, where some would pose as if they had just stepped out of a sports car, or perhaps purposefully spill out the contents of their designer handbag during the fall.

It became a hit on Instagram back in August and later spread on to Chinese social media platforms, where it is literally dubbed the “Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge.”


Not to be left behind on the online craze, a young woman, identified only by her surname Yu, drove her luxury car the wrong way down Shunchang Road last Friday afternoon. She then parked by the side of the road and posed face down on the ground as a man took her photo, Shanghaiist reports.

A witness took a photo of the scene and uploaded it online. The image caught the attention of the authorities, who then summoned Yu to a police station in Shanghai.

In her defence, Yu argued that she did not realize that she had broken the law, explaining that there was no traffic in the area at the time.

Nonetheless, the police decided that her actions warranted a 200-yuan ($28) fine and a three-point reduction from her license.

Featured images via Shanghaiist

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