Crazy Rich Asians Flaunt Their Wealth in Viral ‘Falling Stars’ Challenge

Falling Stars

A new internet trend has wealthy Asians falling from luxury vehicles to the ground with expensive items that show just how crazy rich they actually are.

The craze, known as the “Falling Stars” challenge, originated from Russia and has spread to China and other parts of Asia.


Some of the participants are “influencers” with thousands of followers on social media.

Image via Instagram / @ec24m

Others are “ordinary” rich people, such as this woman who ended up at the police station after falling out of her Aston Martin.

Image via Instagram / @aluckyskier

The challenge is pretty straightforward: “fall” from your luxury vehicle and “drop” lavish objects of your choice.

Image via Instagram / @cindychiang88

Apparently, having too much money can sometimes be “problematic.”

Image via Instagram / @cherie_lubee

Participants have “dropped” a variety of expensive items since the challenge started, including luxury handbags, designer makeup and wads of cash, just to name a few.

Image via Instagram / @linmakeup889

Companies have also hopped on the bandwagon with narrative ads. One is drone maker DJI, which recently promoted their new gear.


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Interestingly, the challenge has evolved from flaunting wealth to parodies of other wonderful things in life, such as hobbies and pets.

Image via Instagram / @xtinerenalee27
Image via Instagram / @france_willys
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What do you think of these “Falling Stars”?

Featured Images via Instagram / @ec24m (Left) and @itsagnezt (Right)

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