Chinese Netizens Outraged After Fallen Elderly Man is Ignored By 22 People on Busy Road

Chinese Netizens Outraged After Fallen Elderly Man is Ignored By 22 People on Busy Road
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
September 13, 2017
An elderly man tripped while walking on a busy road in Zuzhou, China filled with pedestrians who refused to offer him any help.
Video footage of the distressed Chinese senior in dire need of help went viral on social media as angry netizens questioned the country’s moral standing. The shocking video showed the elderly man falling flat on his face and lying motionless for over a minute.
What’s even more surprising is that over 22 vehicles passed by as if the old man was invisible, according to Shanghaiist. A number of motorcycles swerved to avoid the old man as they nonchalantly drove along.
One vehicle can be seen coming so close to running the old man over as it came inches in front of him before swerving out of the way.
Luckily, a bus driver had seen enough and decided to give the elderly man a helping hand as they walked to safety.
While it’s fortunate that the incident didn’t end in a fatality, there are similar cases in China that did not turn out so well. One woman in Leshan was hit twice in a row as an ambulance drove by ignoring her.
The disturbing footage sparked outrage among Chinese citizens who believed that the country’s moral state hit an all time low.
Chinese citizens are hesitant when it comes to helping injured pedestrians on the street due to stories of extortionists pretending to be hurt in order to ask for compensation, according to Inquirer.
“It’s a problem with the entire country, our moral bottom line has fallen so low. If I’m truly honest, I wonder, would I myself have dared to help the woman?” novelist Tian You said in relation to the incident.
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