Filipino Tourists Tricked Into Buying $19,000 of Fake Jewelry in China

A group of Filipinos visiting China were reportedly scammed into purchasing expensive jewelry which turned out to be fake.

The group of tourists, which recently visited Beijing, spent 1 million Philippine pesos ($19,058) for the counterfeit items.

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The tourists noted that a day from the group’s tour package had been allotted for shopping at stores selling jewelry and alternative medicines, reports GMA News.

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The purchased jewelry, which included a “certificate of precious stone identification,” were offered at a discounted price.

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It was only after having the jewelry checked upon their return to the Philippines when they discovered that the gems were made from glass and had fake documentation.

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According to one of the victims, they were forced to enter the jewelry store as they were threatened with incurring a “penalty” if they didn’t go to the establishments that were included in their tour package.

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While the group did not file a case against their travel agency, they decided to share their story to warn others to be careful when buying things in other countries.

Image via YouTube / GMA News

They also appealed to their travel agency and tour guide to provide detailed reminders in their tour that Filipinos can easily understand.


A similar incident happened in 2017 to another Filipino tourist who purchased fake “precious” stones costing over 1 million Philippine pesos ($19,058) in China.

Featured Image via YouTube / GMA News

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