Fake Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Have Intense Makeout Session in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was recently graced by the presence of a fake U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Witnesses were delighted to see the two controversial world leaders strolling around the city, posing for the cameras and even playfully making kissy faces for the crowd.

While looking very convincing, the two  impersonators were in town to shoot a music video of a Lunar New Year song on Wednesday, Reuters reported.


The Kim Jong Un lookalike was actually Howard, a Hong Kong-based Australian musician, whose hair was given the all-too-familiar North Korean dictator do. He was then seen wearing the dictator’s black suit and the mandatory scowl as he strolled down a crowded shopping district.

Fake Trump, on the other hand, was Dennis Alan, a 66-year-old American musician who was given a wig that looked even more natural than Trump’s layers of orange foundation to get the perfect Trump hue.

“I think he’s a great leader and he’s much like me, a dictator,” fake Kim was quoted as saying. “And I think with that in mind he’s going to turn the United States into North Korea 2.0. So we’re going to be great friends.”

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