A New ‘Yelp For Jobs’ Lets Women Know How Sexist Companies Are

A New ‘Yelp For Jobs’ Lets Women Know How Sexist Companies AreA New ‘Yelp For Jobs’ Lets Women Know How Sexist Companies Are
Women can now exclusively review companies and employers based on their attitudes and treatment of women in the workplace. Two New York professionals have developed a Yelp-like platform as a resource for job applicants who hope to learn more about women’s experiences at a job.
Fairy Godboss was a joint creation by Romy Newman and Georgene Huang. The creators wanted to make a company’s culture regarding gender a matter of public knowledge so that women applicants would be able to discern if gender discrimination was a concern.
In a sense, Godboss is “like Yelp for maternity leave policies, sexual harassment, promotion opportunities, and salary information,” according to the New York Post. The website includes testimonials from women at recognizable companies that include Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Thomson Reuters, Apple, Goldman Sachs and Mckinsey.
One anonymous woman, Lady Yammer, who lists her position as vice president of Goldman Sachs wrote in her review:
“They have pretty good programs for working moms such as on site lactation center, on site backup daycare, flex work arrangements and etc. However people are very demanding and work gets quite stressful so often that you can’t really have work-life balance.”
Another user on the site who works at Apple advised women to:
“Be more confident in addressing the micro-aggressions – THEY ADD UP. While overall it’s a professional and fair place to work, the group chats and training sessions can be a breeding-ground for inappropriate and sexist jokes/ attitudes, depending on who’s around.”
Fairy Godboss is a community for professional working women to help one another navigate the corporate world and discuss issues that pertain to women. In doing so, the site hopes to create more transparency about company policies and culture in regards to their treatment of women in the workplace.
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