Woman Faces Jail Time After Calling Someone ‘Stupid’ in a Facebook Tag

A New York woman found out that just tagging someone on Facebook can have legal ramifications.

Maria Gonzalez may spend up to a year in jail because she allegedly violated a restraining order filed against her by Maribel Calderon, her former sister-in-law, by tagging Calderon in a Facebook post that called her “stupid,” reports the New York Post.

In court, Gonzalez argued that the restraining order, related to her divorce from Calderon’s brother, “did not specifically prohibit [her] from Facebook communication” with Calderon, but Westchester County Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci disagreed.

“The order of protection prohibited the defendant from contacting the protected party by electronic or any other means,” Capeci wrote.

Gonzalez will not appeal the ruling, her attorney said.

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