Facebook Flags Picture of Newborn Puppy That Looks Like a Dick Pic

An animal lover from Davao, Philippines recently shared some pictures of his newborn Mexican Hairless puppy on Facebook.

As indicated by his post, owner Nikki Ibaos just wanted to share his joy of the arrival of their newest family member online.

However, Facebook decided to hide one of the images because the system mistakenly identified the puppy as something else,  tagging it as a post that goes against their standards.

“We’ve hidden the post because it doesn’t follow our Community Standards. It’ll be deleted from Facebook soon.”

The hairless dog might appear like male genitalia especially from the top:

In a tweet, Ibaos lamented the warning, wondering if someone with a dirty mind decided to report the purportedly innocent image.

The image also received some interesting reactions from viewers:

Including some indecent proposals:

An indoor dog breed, the Mexican Hairless Dog, also known as Xoloitzcuintli, is one of several breeds of hairless dogs.

To successfully share similar hairless pups on Facebook without being deleted, it is suggested to either dressing them up a bit or take a photo with a better angle.

Images via Facebook / dominicibaos

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