‘I Still Do Not Want to Get Married’: Chinese New Year Masks to Tell Off Nosy Relatives

‘I Still Do Not Want to Get Married’: Chinese New Year Masks to Tell Off Nosy Relatives
Ryan General
January 22, 2021
A Singaporean brand has come up with new face masks that not only protect you from COVID-19 but also from nosy relatives this coming Chinese New Year. 
To prepare for the holiday gatherings, Wheniwasfour is selling mask designs that preemptively respond to varied probing questions many expect from friends and family.
Aunts and uncles no longer need to wonder about your relationship status if you wear a mask that says, ”Happy new year. I do not have a boyfriend, I do not have a girlfriend.”
Dodge persistent questions about settling down with a mask announcing: “Happy new year. I still do not want to get married.”
The company also made one for couples who prefer not to have children yet with a print: “Happy new year, I still do not want to have a child.”
The messages, which are easily readable as they are printed on the front of the mask in Chinese, will spare the wearer unnecessary awkward exchanges and maybe allow for more meaningful conversations.
If not, there are also designs that make good conversation pieces, such as a mask that looks like it’s made out of Bakkwa, a salty-sweet dried meat snack popular during Chinese New Year.  
You can also tap into childhood nostalgia with face masks inspired by the beloved snack haw flakes and the Huatmate condensed milk.
Score any of these masks for 10.90 Singapore Dollars apiece ($8.21) via their website or from their physical store at Bras Basah Complex in Singapore. 
Feature Image via wheniwasfour
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