Woman Can’t Close Her Eyes After 2 Botched Double Eyelid Surgeries

Woman Can’t Close Her Eyes After 2 Botched Double Eyelid Surgeries
Bryan Ke
October 15, 2019
A woman in China is unable to close her eyes after undergoing two botched double eyelid surgeries.
Li, from Heifei, China, spent 12,800 yuan ($1,807) on her double eyelid operation.
However, things became a living nightmare when she discovered she couldn’t close her eyelids after the procedure, according to AsiaOne.
Li told Pear Video that she went to a clinic to have her swollen eyelids fixed, but the operation was unsatisfactory.
As a result, the clinic offered to do a second corrective surgery on Li that made her appearance even worse.
After the second surgery, the clinic offered her another one, but this time, Li refused.
“It’s very obvious they didn’t do a good job for me,” she said. “They didn’t make me look better, they made me look worse.”
Li noted her vision turned blurry from the botched double eyelid surgeries, and she has to roll her eyes upwards to sleep at night.
The clinic explained this is the result of having done two consecutive surgeries on the woman, adding that her condition is perfectly normal as she would slowly recover.
It added that the scar from both surgeries had fused together as there wasn’t enough time for Li to recover from the first operation.
The clinic agreed to pay Li 30,000 yuan ($4,236) in compensation and refund the two operations.
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