Extremely Polite Toddler Eats Her Popsicle Over a Garbage Can While on the Bus

A two-year-old girl who tried to avoid making a mess by eating her popsicle in front of a trash can on a bus in China is winning praises on social media.

The commendable act took place on a bus that traveled along Kunming city, Yunnan province on Aug. 11.

In a video, the toddler in yellow dress can be seen eating her popsicle above the trash can.

A witness said that the girl originally sat with her mother, who then warned her about making a mess with her popsicle, ET Today noted.

In response, the girl stood up and headed toward a trash can, squat before it and finished her popsicle.

The video has gone viral on Chinese social media. Netizens praised the girl’s considerate behavior, according to Xuehua News.

“This is a story of a successful family education.”

“This shows manners is not about being rich or poor.”

“She certainly behaves well at home.”

“Her parents taught her well.”

“What a lovely child!”

However, some had concerns over safety and hygiene.

“This was dangerous for the girl since the bus was moving.”

“She could have been hurt.”

“They should have finished the popsicle before getting onboard.”

“Food should not be allowed on the bus.”

“That’s not very hygienic.”

Continue the fight against sticky bus floors!

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