Extremely Dark Prank Teaches Girl Not to Sell Virginity for iPhone 8 in China

Extremely Dark Prank Teaches Girl Not to Sell Virginity for iPhone 8 in ChinaExtremely Dark Prank Teaches Girl Not to Sell Virginity for iPhone 8 in China
A Chinese teenager who decided to sell her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 8 found herself powerless when a gang of shirtless men showed up and pinned her down.
Thankfully, the harrowing encounter is only a prank conjured by Beijing vlogger Nana, who felt the need to teach the teenager a lesson.
It all started when the 17-year-old girl, identified as Xiao Chen, offered her virginity in an online post for 20,000 RMB ($3,020). She wanted to use the money to buy an iPhone 8.
Nana, who exposes untoward social behavior in videos, saw the post and arranged an interview with the teenager. She posed as the secretary of a rich businessman, ET News said.
“My friends have all bought iPhone 8s. I want one too,” Chen told Nana in an undercover video. “But I don’t have so much money.”
She recalled another student who succeeded in the trade, adding that she had made up her mind:
“I heard there was a girl at our school who earned over 20,000 selling this.
“All I have to do is lie there, right? And then it’s all over in a bit. Twenty-thousand bucks and we each get what we want. I’ve already thought this through.”
With this, Nana arranged Chen’s meeting with her boss as the “client.”
The next part of the video shows the meeting coming to fruition. Chen was finally with her client in a hotel room.
The client handed Chen her prized iPhone 8. They then sat at the edge of the bed.
As if things weren’t bad enough, the next moments turned beyond alarming. The client called out three other men from the bathroom, shocking Chen in an instant.
They were all shirtless, and one of the men carried a camera to film.
Chen tried to leave the room immediately, but the men grabbed and pinned her to the bed.
She screamed for her dignity.
The disturbing act finally came to a halt when Nana showed up.
The men released their grip, while Chen seemed equally relieved and confused.
Nana took the opportunity to lecture Chen, who ended up sobbing on the bed.
She then asked the men to leave so she can talk with the deluded teenager in private.
The video has garnered at least 285,000 views since its posting on Nana’s YouTube channel. Users commented:
“Nana is right.”
“Is Apple too important?”
“Unfortunately there are naive idiot girls who do this kind of thing.”
Watch the video:
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