Groom’s Ex-Girlfriend Crashes His Wedding Dressed in a Bridal Gown


A recent wedding in China became something out of a romantic drama when the groom’s ex-girlfriend showed up in her own bridal gown and asked for a chance at his love again.

The scene, which was caught in a 30-second video, has gone viral on Chinese social media, with many expressing support at the shocked bride.


According to Sohu News, the spurned woman barged into the premises just before the groom tried to kiss the bride.

In the video, she is seen pulling the groom from the bride in a desperate attempt to win him back.

According to The Paper, the groom broke up with the woman over differences in their personalities.

The woman, who yelled “it was my fault,” begged for his forgiveness and sought for another chance of a relationship.

The bride, stunned at the turnaround of events, left the embarrassing scene despite her fiancé’s attempts to make her stay.

As the drama unfolded, the MC said over the microphone, “Perhaps this is the reality of love.”

It’s unclear what turned out of the unfortunate situation, but many speculated that the bride must have been too upset to finish the wedding. 

Weibo users commented:

“Where on earth is the security guard?”

“I can only imagine everyone’s pain here.”

“This story … I haven’t even seen it in TV shows.”

“A wedding gown, really? Are you trying to star in your own TV series?”

“Maybe she’s coming from a really deep place, but it’s really bad. She clearly has no self-esteem. Learn to love yourself.”

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