Evil Kid Pees On Elevator Buttons, Gets Hit With Instant Karma

A young boy from Chongqing in southwest China had the shock of his life when the elevator doors failed to open after he peed on its control panel.

In the surveillance footage posted online, the kid entered the elevator and suddenly started to urinate, aiming directly at the control panel.

Bad stuff is bound to happen, of course, when liquid touches something that’s being powered by an electric current – and the boy learned that the hard way.

After rudely relieving himself, he immediately went for the doors to exit the elevator. Unfortunately for him, the doors failed to open and the control panel started to blink in a scary fashion.

He panicked and tried to push the button to open the doors again, but failed. Soon after, the lights began to flicker and the whole elevator presumably went dark as the surveillance footage abruptly ended.

It was unclear though on how long the boy was stuck inside the elevator before he eventually got rescued, according to Shanghaiist via Medium.

Images via YouTube / CGTN

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