Evangelion Anime ‘Emergency Rations’ Will Soon Be a Thing in Japan

Evangelion Anime ‘Emergency Rations’ Will Soon Be a Thing in JapanEvangelion Anime ‘Emergency Rations’ Will Soon Be a Thing in Japan
Wouldn’t it be cool to have Evangelion’s NERV team in real life?
Having giant cyborgs may still be in the distant future, but a company in Japan has recently brought to life some of the fictitious global organization’s disaster relief food options.
The recreations of the emergency rations from NERV are reportedly now available for purchase, whether or not there’s an “Angel” attack at hand. 
The NERV-Designated Emergency Supplies Assortment Set is a kit designed to look like it actually came from the anime’s special organization, and like actual emergency rations, the meals have a life-span of three years and six months. As Screen Rant compared the citizens of Tokyo-3 sheltering away from giant mecha-scaled battles to those quarantined from COVID-19, the packages can be eaten as is.
There are five available flavors: beef stew, Japanese hamburger steak, chukadon (stir-fried veggies and meat), gyudon (beef bowl) and beef curry. Prepared to be both filling and nutritious, all of the meals are served with white rice. Some of the meals are also served with vegetables.
Suited for any situation, the meals inside the NERV-branded boxes are prepared similar to MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) rations for the military. Each box can be heated by itself without the need for fire or water, according to HypeBeast.
Set to be available by August, the complete set can be purchased in Japan via Amiami’s website for 7,180 Japanese Yen ($68).
Feature Image via Amiami
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