Meet the 8-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Who’s Called the ‘Australian Einstein’

Meet the 8-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Who’s Called the ‘Australian Einstein’Meet the 8-Year-Old Vietnamese Boy Who’s Called the ‘Australian Einstein’
Evan Luc-Tran is a genius 8-year-old Vietnamese-Australian boy from Sydney who gained international attention for his astonishing photographic memory.
Recently featured on the second episode of Australia’s version of “Little Big Shots”, Luc-Tran was given the nickname “Australian Einstein” for having an incredible IQ that is found to be higher than 99% of the population (higher than 135 IQ).
The new show, hosted by Shane Jacobson, demonstrated Luc-Tran’s mental prowess through a variety of impressive challenges, according to
Like a living encyclopedia, the young whiz can name every capital city in the world or every Australian prime minister and each American president. He even knows the years each of them held office. For him, reciting the digits of pi up to 200 decimal points seems pretty effortless.
“I knew there was something special about him when he was about two,” his 38-year-old mother, Grace Luc, was quoted as saying. “I was cooking in the kitchen and he kept saying, ‘Mum, Mum, our car,’ and pointing at the fridge.
“So I turned around to see what he was talking about and he’d arranged the fridge numbers to spell out our car’s number plate.”
The popular show, which was originally created by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, raked in 1.67 million viewers when it premiered on Australia’s Channel 7 on August 27.
Chinese Latin dancer Xiong Fei, who was featured earlier in the American version of the show, also joined Luc-Tran on the talent show’s September 3 episode.
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