Korean YouTuber Posts One Last Goodbye to Fans Before Dying of Cancer

Korean YouTuber Posts One Last Goodbye to Fans Before Dying of Cancer
Carl Samson
May 18, 2020
A South Korean YouTuber mustered all the energy she had left to film a “goodbye video” for fans who witnessed her battle against cancer.
Eun Chan, better known as JIGUIN, succumbed to her condition on May 6, just a few days after she posted her final video.
Image Screenshot via JIGUIN
Chan was diagnosed with biliary tract cancer in April 2019. Since then, she had chronicled her fight in a series of video diaries.
In her final upload, titled “49th Fighting Diary,” Chan revealed that she was feeling “light” after being discharged from the hospital. She also told fans that she was “almost there.”
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“How are you, everyone?” Chan said, according to AllKPop. “It became hot all of a sudden. These days, I think that I’m almost there. Fighting this disease has been difficult so my heart is light now. I wanted to greet everyone with a pretty face after discharging, but I am squeezing every last bit of energy out to give this update.”
Chan revealed that she had been struggling to breathe and “it hurts so much.” She had also been vomiting two to three times a day, Dispatch noted.
“I have a lot of troubles and a lot of problems, but I always want to be positive and happy,” she added.
Chan, who posted a total of 62 videos, first gained popularity for sharing her life as a South Korean living in Japan.
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On May 7, Chan’s younger sister posted a comment under her final video, announcing her death at 4 p.m. the previous day.
“My sister guessed right when she said that the day she would leave would be a day with great weather. We are complete strangers, but I bow my head in gratitude for your warm comfort and condolences. I believe my sister would be happy [hearing them] too,” her sister wrote.
As of this writing, Chan’s final video has received 1.073 million views — the most on her channel yet. Viewers wished her peace and expressed condolences to her loved ones.
“I can tell she’s in a lot of pain in this video, and she did also say that she’s in pain and finds it difficult to record this. I think it’s amazing that she managed to remain so strong and positive after having to battle her illness for more than a year. I also think it’s amazing that even though, in this video, she knew that she was reaching the end of time, she wasn’t distressed or negative in the least bit. She smiled for us the entire video and even said that the last year was sufficient for her. I’m glad she’s now relieved of all the pain and suffering, and I hope she’ll Rest In Peace. My condolences to her family and friends,” one commented.
Another wrote, “This woman is very admirable. She was struggling with the disease for a long time but she left with a big smile for her fans. I didn’t know her channel before but she definitely left a deep impression to me.”
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