Eugene Chung says NFL is being ‘misleading’ about investigation of alleged anti-Asian comment

Eugene Chung says NFL is being ‘misleading’ about investigation of alleged anti-Asian commentEugene Chung says NFL is being ‘misleading’ about investigation of alleged anti-Asian comment
Bryan Ke
July 27, 2021
Ex-NFL player Eugene Chung has called the football league’s statement on the review about the alleged racial discrimination he experienced at a job interview “a little misleading.”
Brief conversation: The former coach revealed he only had one brief conversation with the NFL in May during the league’s review of the issue, according to ESPN.
  • “I’ve had one conversation with them,” Chung, 52, said. “I’d love to work with them hand in hand, but, when it’s being written that I’m going to be working with them, and I had only one very brief conversation, I think that’s a little misleading.”
  • Chung also asked about the review with people he knows within the league, including head coaches and executives, but no one knew about the investigation.
  • The NFL released a statement, earlier this month, saying it had “multiple discussions” with Chung and his representatives.
  • “We were unable to confirm the precise statement that was made, or by whom and under what circumstances any such statement was made,” the league said.
  • Even though the issue remains in the spotlight, Chung said he would not reveal the person’s identity as this is “insignificant and irrelevant to what’s going on at hand right now.”
  • “I want nothing but the best for everybody,” he added. “I don’t want anyone to ever have to experience [what I’ve experienced] or go through that. A simple conversation to fix that, I think that’d be great.”
The meeting: The former coach and his representative reportedly requested a sit-down with Commissioner Roger Goodell after speaking with NFL security, but their effort was allegedly denied, the Associated Press reported.
  • However, the league released a statement on Monday saying it welcomes their meeting and “have at no time, turned down requests to discuss these important issues with our staff, including the commissioner.”
  • “We embrace the opportunity to work with Eugene to hear his ideas on how we can better advance employment opportunities throughout the league, both for Asian Americans and for all underrepresented groups,” the NFL said in the statement.
Pressing on: Chung said he would not let the anti-Asian comment define who he is as a person or a coach. He wants to make sure “no one else has to go through this or experience what I have been going through.”
  • “When this came out, I was sharing my experience with other people, and growing up in this country as Asian American… as an Asian American player and coach in the league. I want to do this in a positive way and help other people,” Chung said.
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