Jackie Chan’s Daughter Has Only $2.56 to Pay $287 Bill at Hong Kong Hostel

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Has Only $2.56 to Pay $287 Bill at Hong Kong HostelJackie Chan’s Daughter Has Only $2.56 to Pay $287 Bill at Hong Kong Hostel
Bryan Ke
December 17, 2018
Etta Ng, Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter, and her wife, Andi Autumn, allegedly only handed over 20 Hong Kong dollars ($2.56) to the hostel they stayed at in Hong Kong after returning from Canada.
Ng, who married the 31-year-old social media influencer last month in Canada, racked up a bill of 2,250 Hong Kong dollars ($287) during their five-night stay at Mong Kok hostel in Hong Kong, according to Apple Daily via The Straits Times.
The hostel owner told reporters last week that they saw the 19-year-old and her wife leave their room at around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. to get food each day. The owner also discovered that the couple’s room was littered with food boxes and trash.
The women were eventually asked to leave the hostel and could only hand over 20 Hong Kong dollars as payment.
Ng and Autumn then sought help at the home of Etta’s mother, former Miss Asia Elaine Ng, in Happy Valley, Coconuts Hong Kong reported. The two were seen driving to a bank to withdraw money.
Chan, who is married to former Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao, did not mention anything regarding Etta in his autobiography “Never Grow Up.” He did, however, allude to an affair with Elaine Ng that made headlines back in 1999.
I don’t think of him as a bad or a good person because I really don’t know him,” Ng told Apple Daily in the interview. “If I don’t really know someone, I can’t judge them. I know when I was young, I would have said some impulsive things, but now I’m a bit more level-headed.”
Growing up, Ng would often find herself unable to escape the judgment of other people.
It was really weird because when I was born, everyone knew who I was. I didn’t even know who I was and everyone was following every move I made to see how I’d turn out,” she said. “People thought I had a relationship with my dad, so everyone kept saying ‘she’s a rich girl’.”
Other people also assumed that Autumn befriended her only because of her connection to Chan.
In another part of the interview, Ng expressed how she wanted her mother to refer to Autumn as her wife and not just as her “friend.”
Ng plans to make a name for herself and separate herself from the shadow of her father. She hopes to make an impact by setting up a creative agency in Hong Kong with her wife.
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