Esther Ku to ‘SJWs’: ‘These Asians are really giving cool Asians like us a bad name!’

In an interview with, a publication run by former Breibart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, Esther Ku responded to accusations of racist remarks towards Asian men on Twitter. 

What she said: “These Asians are really giving cool Asians like us a bad name!”

“[They Are] the same Asians who got mad about the mini Asian accountants at the Oscars.”

“They should be happy for me that I broke out of the doctor mold and became a comedian but instead they want me to fit into their idea of what a good Asian should be.”

“Most white folks I know are not plotting to keep Asians down,” she said. “Most white folks I know actually admire Asians for our business savvy, straight hair, and yoga bodies.”

“The type of Asians who get upset about this also say that if your dad is white and your mom is Asian you’re the product of white supremacy,” she said. “How is that possible? If he was a white supremacist, he would have procreated with a white woman!”

“I’d like to say – I am allowed to make fun of my own ethnic group because Richard Belzer told me I could on Last Comic Standing,” said Ku.

“I also grew up in a working-class family in a working-class neighborhood of Chicago where it was common to make jokes about ourselves,” she continued. “Maybe these ‘intellectual’ Asians should walk a mile in my shoes, take the self-righteous wedgie out of their asses and learn to laugh at themselves.”

Ku also claimed that most of her detractors are Asian men and tweeted the following last night:

Featured Image via Twitter / (Left): estherkuku | Instagram / (Right): estherkuku

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