Asian-American MTV Comedian Praises United For Assaulting David Dao

Max Chang
April 15, 2017
Esther Ku is a Korean-American comedian who’s a cast member of MTV shows “Girl Code” and “Wild ‘N Out”.
“When I have kids, they’re going to be really weird looking. Because they’re going to be half Asian and half regular. And people are always like ‘you don’t like Asian guys?’ and I’m like ‘no, I like regular people’. Because regular people have regular sized sausages.”
“When I’m driving at night and I hit a black person, it’s not really my fault.”
“It’s really dark in here. So if there are any [black people] in the audience, smile for me!”
“White chicks are alway like ‘I hate you! You are so skinny! How did you get so skinny?’ I always tell them the same thing every time. ‘Just do what we do! Eat with chopsticks, because we can’t pick shit up with those things either.”
“I hate fat people, they just take up too much space.”
“I feel bad that [Asian guys] are all single, but not bad enough to date them. Last week, this Asian guy asked me out and I was just like ‘jeez, when are they going to realize that Asian girls are just way out of their league?'”
Jokes like these have racked up Ku quite a following with over 100,000 fans on Twitter and nearly 40,000 fans on Instagram. She’s also been dubbed the “Asian Sarah Silverman”.
Recently, Ku tweeted the following video praising United Airlines for throwing Dr. David Dao off his flight last weekend.
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“As someone who’s been beaten by Asian men, I play that video over and over again and jerked off a million times.” Ku said in the video.
If you can stomach it, watch some of Ku’s past standup acts below.
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