eSports Could Be Coming to the 2024 Olympics

eSports Could Be Coming to the 2024 Olympics

August 10, 2017
Video games and eSports may have a chance of being part of the 2024 Olympics. It seems like the gap between eSports, video games and the Olympics is starting to close in.
With last year’s memorable opening ceremony featuring iconic game character Mario, it’s clear that video game culture is slowly making its way into the Olympics. According to Fortune, Paris Olympic Committee co-president Tony Estanguet is seriously considering to make eSports part of the 2024 Olympic games in Paris.
In fact, Estanguet is already discussing the matter with eSports officials and the International Olympic Committee. Estanguet has noticed the rising popularity of eSports among the youth.
The youth’s massive interest in eSports could be a huge draw for the Olympics, which is something that Estanguet sees as a good opportunity to invest in. “Yes, the youth are interested in eSport and this kind of thing. Let’s look at it. Let’s meet them. Let’s see if we can find some bridges,” Estanguet added.
While the 39-year-old French Olympic medalist certainly sees a future for eSports and video games in the Olympics, the IOC on the other hand aren’t as convinced. IOC president Thomas Bach addressed the matter saying “We are not yet 100 percent clear whether eSports is really a sport with regard to physical activity and what it needs to be considered a sport.”
eSports might not be considered as a real sport yet, but one can’t deny the amount of revenue it generates from all its tournaments, not to mention the massive fan-base it has already built.
However, one can’t also consider the participants of these contests as athletes either since there’s quite a lack of physical activity in eSports compared to traditional sports. Regardless, the Paris 2024 Olympics is still years from now so there’s plenty of time for the IOC to determine if eSports truly has a place in the world’s most prestigious sporting event.
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