Escaped North Korean Soldier Gets a Lifetime Supply of Choco Pies on One Condition

Escaped North Korean Soldier Gets a Lifetime Supply of Choco Pies on One Condition

December 12, 2017
The North Korean defector who bravely crossed the border into South Korea and was badly injured in the process just bagged a pretty sweet deal with Orion, the company behind the country’s favorite treat Choco Pie.
The manufacturer officially announced that it is planning to give Oh Chung-sung, the defector, a lifetime supply of Choco Pies, with a condition that he remains on South Korean soil, according to AsiaOne.
The 25-year-old soldier mentioned he would like to eat Choco Pie after he woke up from his surgery while receiving medical attention at Ajou University Hospital, Korea Times reported on Tuesday.
When asked about how he knew the snack, Oh said that he sometimes received Choco Pie from the workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, which is now closed.
Image via Wikimedia Commons / GFDL (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Orion immediately sent 100 boxes of Choco Pie to the hospital for Oh.
We heard the soldier has not recovered enough yet to eat food. In a sense, we sent Choco Pie boxes to the employees in the hospital, a representative from the company said.
Unfortunately, Oh can’t enjoy his new snack just yet. According to the hospital, he may only enjoy the sweet, popular South Korean treat after he fully recovers, but they have been put in his room.
While Orion’s gesture appears genuine, some people couldn’t help but give negative comments. In response, a representative said in a statement, We sent the choco pies as a welcoming present to Oh, who came to Korea after going through hardship. It was not an act for publicity.
Choco Pie consists of two cakes with a fluffy marshmallow sandwiched in between them, all covered in luscious chocolate.
Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons / ProjectManhattan (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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