Adults Cheer as ‘Daredevil’ Kids Slide Down Handrails of Long Escalator in Chinese Mall

An escalator at a shopping mall in China became a playground last Saturday after three children decided it would be a great idea to slide down the handrails multiple times.

Footage of the reckless and dangerous stunt captured how the three boys went up and down the 20-meter (66-foot) long escalator inside the mall in the southwestern city of Chongqing.


While there were adults who witnessed the act, no one tried to stop the unruly kids, at least, during the filming of the video.

Two women were also seen filming and cheering them on at the bottom of the escalator, the Straits Times reports.  

One of them was heard shouting in Mandarin: “Wow, how awesome!”

It was not immediately clear how the women were related to the boys.

Chinese netizens condemned the children’s behavior after a video of the incident emerged on local social media platforms over the weekend.

Many were outraged that the boys ignored a sign on the escalator that warned against entry and use as it was under repair at the time.

Some expressed anger toward the adults who were apparently supporting the children’s behavior.

“This parent is being too cavalier about this. I really don’t understand what she is thinking,” one Weibo user wrote.

“The parents are setting a bad example for their children,” another user commented. “If an accident were to happen, are they going to blame the shopping mall?”

Featured Image via YouTube / 头条 新闻

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