Esa Fung’s Shocking Results with Laser Therapy to Fight Acne Scars

Esa Fung’s Shocking Results with Laser Therapy to Fight Acne ScarsEsa Fung’s Shocking Results with Laser Therapy to Fight Acne Scars
Yufit USA
February 18, 2020
Many know Esa Fung as the Chinese Canadian comedian who got his start on Vine and has grown to become one of social media’s OG influencers. As a content creator, his fast-pace life now has him traveling the world, but as someone who’s job is to put his face out there, he’s hit some personal challenges with skin care and struggling with breakouts.
Esa admits he had acne in high school which left him with superficial scars on his face. He didn’t really care about skin care routines — in fact, he didn’t know anything about them. He’s lived with breakouts and acne scars until his acupuncturist in New York introduced him to the T-Laser. 
The T-Laser is the world’s first LED red light therapy mask that comes in the form of lightweight glasses. Red light therapy was developed by NASA after they noticed it helped scientists’ skin lesions heal faster. Now, it is being used to help regenerate skin and help prevent aging effects.
Dr. Michelle Han of New York’s Hudson Wellness specializes in cosmetic and dermatologic acupuncture. She is currently using the T-Laser during her own sessions.
According to Dr. Han, the T-Laser can help “improve skin tone, hydrate, regenerate skin cells, minimize dark circles, and reduce scars in as little as 4 weeks of daily use.” 
“I use the T-Laser in my facial experience sessions to maximize the results for rejuvenated and youthful skin. Instead of a lifelong commitment to facial treatments, clients can continue to enjoy better skin with the usage of the T-Laser from the comfort of their own home,” Dr. Han says.
After using the T-Laser, Esa says, “it helped fix my skin and make me more confident about my face, but it definitely didn’t turn me into a member of BTS.”
Yufit’s T-Laser LED mask can be yours for $149.97 along with the therapy cream for $24.97.
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