Canada rapper goes viral for new song with LGBTQ+ slang

Canada rapper goes viral for new song with LGBTQ+ slangCanada rapper goes viral for new song with LGBTQ+ slang
via @ericreprid / Instagram
A Canada-based rapper has sparked controversy over the lyrics of his recently released track.
How it started: To promote his new song “Suki,” Eric Reprid uploaded a short clip of himself performing parts of it on Instagram. The video, which has since been reposted on other social media platforms, shows the 25-year-old rapper eating ramen while singing into a ceiling microphone.
Controversial lyrics: In addition to Reprid’s eye-catching performance, viewers took notice of his song’s lyrics, which included a gendered slur (b*tch) and a racial slur (ch*nk). However, what ignited the most discussion on social media was the line “I f*ck so much p*ssy, I might switch to b*ssy.”
The term “b*ssy,” which combines the words “boy” and “p*ssy,” is a slang used by members of the LGBTQ+ community for the anus.
What netizens are saying: Reprid’s clip has circulated across social media platforms, drawing comments from confused users. Some said they could not believe what they heard.
“I dont think I heard that clearly….  U gonna do what?” one U user wrote.
“That line was a choice,” commented another.
Others wondered whether the rapper was aware of the term’s meaning.
“I don’t think he knows what b*ssy means,” an X user suggested.
“I really don’t think he knows not what he says.” another chimed in
About the artist: Reprid, also known as Shi Yi Liu, has been an active musician since 2017. Despite being an independent artist, his previous release, “Cold World,” earned him a nomination for “Rap Recording of the Year” at the 2021 Juno Awards.
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