Epic Video Captures the Rescue of a Frightened Girl Stuck in a Washing Machine

Firefighters in China took 20 minutes to rescue a Chinese toddler who got stuck in a washing machine. In the nail-biting CCTV video posted on Sunday, a frightened 2-year-old girl is shown clutching a plush toy as the rescuers disassemble the washing machine to free her.
The unlucky kid is not the first Chinese toddler to be trapped in the in a washing machine dryer. This year alone, there have been several similar accidents in China.
Another 2-year-old child from Shizuishan, northern China, got into a similar predicament this month. In the video, posted by CCTV on November 24, a little boy was in tears as he was being rescued by firefighters.
In May, a boy was also rescued by firefighters after getting himself stuck in a washing machine dryer in Neijiang, according to the Daily Mail.
Apparently this particular type of accident happens way too often in China.
Last year in February, a seven-year-old boy in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province also got stuck in a dryer.
Here’s more:
Of course, there are other weird places Chinese kids get themselves stuck into. Sometimes it’s the sofa or a fence:
Or a pipe:
Fortunately for the kids mentioned earlier, rescuers were able to get them out safely. There have been many cases where children were not as lucky. Accidental injuries have claimed the lives of over 200,000 children in China. The figure accounts for one third of the number of childhood deaths in the country, according to People’s Daily.
As Shanghaiist pointed out, it happens to adults too:
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