Epic Storm in Chinese City Literally Makes Sea Creatures Rain from the Sky

Qingdao, a port city in eastern China’s Shandong province, was recently hit by a severe storm with wind strong enough to take down trees, road barriers, and even scooping up sea creatures and throwing them on the streets.

One of the images that circulated from the severe storm has gone viral on Chinese social media, according to Shanghaiist. It shows an octopus landing onto a motorist’s windshield due to the strong wind.

It wasn’t just octopus, though, as other sea creatures were also scooped up from the ocean and thrown onto cars in the city including shrimp and starfish.

The streets of Qingdao were also left flooded from the heavy rain of the storm that made it hard for motorists and pedestrians alike to travel.

The violent weather, which was recorded by the Qingdao Meteorological Administration on Tuesday afternoon, reached a shocking wind speed of 34.8 miles (56 kilometers) per second, thus registering the storm force 12 on the Beaufort scale, The Sun reported.

Images via NetEase

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