This Entrepreneurial Power Couple is Everything You Wish Your Relationship Could Be

Yael Cohen Braun, founder and CEO of Fuck Cancer, and her husband Scooter Braun, renowned talent manager, businessman and philanthropist, are possibly the most amazing couple in the business industry.

Not only are they a great team, but their openness and ability to prioritize their relationship over their booming ventures is what every entrepreneurial couple needs today.

Relationship therapist Esther Perel specializes in teaching those who are successful in business to be successful in their personal relationships.

“Work and love are two pillars of our life and both depend on how well we manage our relationships with others. Entrepreneurs must learn to straddle the commitment, the passion, and the focus they bring to the personal and the professional dimensions of life. It always amazes me how much energy and attention they invest in their startup, and how often they bring the leftovers home.”

Part of your success in the field of business directly relies on the quality of your personal relationships. Finding someone who will always watch your back and push you to your full potential is what makes the most successful and passionate entrepreneurs and billionaires who they are today.

Success isn’t about growing some booming empire and making tons of money. Success is really about being with the right person and being crazy in love — empires and fortunes will follow.

Source: FastCompany
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