Korean Man Has the Most Epic Goodbyes After Every Date With His Girlfriend

What one Korean man does whenever a date with his girlfriend ends is easily every couple’s #relationshipgoals. For singles, it’s a wish upon a shooting star.

Meet YouTubers Min-su and Lala of enjoycouple, who recently posted a compilation of their goodbyes while riding public transportation at subways and bus stations.

After each date, Min-su escorts Lala on her way home.

As they part, Min-su expresses how much he loves Lala, aegyo-wise and all.

However, things get desperate as soon as Lala’s transport moves.

While he obviously can’t catch up, Min-su chases far enough to win everybody’s hearts.

Needless to say, each clip justifies how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The video doesn’t end in a goodbye, however, as Min-su sneaks onto the subway and finally brings Lala home!

Stay in love, you two!

Watch the whole montage below:

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