Engineer Asks Quora to Help Decide Between Two Job Offers, Immediately Regrets It

Engineer Asks Quora to Help Decide Between Two Job Offers, Immediately Regrets It
Jacob Wagner
May 7, 2015
A Silicon Valley engineer was having some trouble deciding between two job offers — one from Uber and the other from Zenefits — so he thought the best solution would be to post his dilemma on Quora to get some second opinions.


  1. Uber has people with amazing credentials working there (people from MIT, CMU, Facebook, Google). There is a lot of opportunity to learn from these folks. At the same time, I think that it will be really tough to stand out.
  2. I really believe in Uber’s product. Its a great idea and the thought of what they are planning in the future excites me.
  3. This is the biggest factor for me: Uber has a really good reputation. I think that working at Uber will really help me move to companies like Google and Apple, which is something that I want to do in the distant future.


  1. The biggest con for Uber is that their attitude towards me so far has been: “we don’t really need you. but here is your offer”. They really don’t seem to care as much, and I can understand why. Uber attracts top talent and they can easily find someone to replace me


  1. Zenefits has a great team. I really enjoyed talking to the people. They are people I think I would be more happy to work with
  2. I definitely think I can add more value to Zenefits. I have some great ideas that I will hopefully be able to pitch to upper management.
  3. Upper management is accessible. I can speak to top people (CEO, CTO) which is really nice.
  4. The job itself allows for more creative freedom, and with it more responsibility. However, it isn’t as technically challenging. At Zenefits, I will be more of a developer than an engineer (thats what I think at-least).
  5. Zenefits seems to be really aggressive in trying to keep me. They have tried really hard to make me choose them over Uber. And they are paying me a better salary by about 15k (where Uber completely refused to negotiate).
  6. They also have an office in Canada, and they have promised to relocate me there if I don’t get the h1b visa. When I asked Uber about this, I was told that it depends entirely on the performance review and manager (basically whether I am worth the trouble of relocating). Zenefits seems to be claiming that if I am an employee there, they will help me out and get my back.


  1. My biggest problem with Zenefits is that it isn’t a buzzword like Uber. Most people won’t know what Zenefits is (or so I think). I think that this isn’t as exciting a brand name to have on your resume when applying to the likes of Google.
    I would really love to get some new perspectives into this. Thanks!

Edit clarifications: For whatever its worth at this point, one thing I do want to clarify on is that I have no specific aspirations for Apple, Google..etc. I think highly of both Zenefits and Uber. I didn’t apply at either of these companies with the mindset that I am settling for anything less than what I want. I don’t see these opportunities as placeholders! Rather I was thinking along the lines of: if and when I move on to the next opportunity, which company will help open the most doors for me and also if these are things that should matter when making such a decision. It was purely a quest to find out how these choices could impact my career. I realize that this wasn’t put together very well on my part.

It didn’t take long before Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad caught wind of it and gave his response.
Conrad apparently became so butthurt that his potential employee was shopping for other offers that he publicly rescinded the job offer. He promptly took it down after he realized he shouldn’t have publicized it.
Since then, some Quora users have criticized and questioned Conrad’s maturity level. An Uber employee also commented and offered words of encouragement.
No matter what happened, at least Conrad made the engineers decision much easier.
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