Emma Stone Keeps Her Cool After Hong Kong Reporter Asks a ‘Super Rude’ Question at the Oscars

In the midst of all the brouhaha surrounding last week’s Academy Awards, it was easy for this tidbit of a news to slip through everybody’s radar.

Thanks to the power of social media, however, the part where a Hong Kong reporter was deemed “super rude” to “La La Land” actress Emma Stone eventually re-emerged online after all the other noise had died down.

Apparently, during Stone’s customary Q&A in the Oscars press room, a Hong Kong reporter from Apple Daily decided to ask what could be the worst possible question for an actress who was just recognized for an outstanding job.

While other reporters threw in pretty standard questions, such as her portrayal and the clarification on the best picture announcement mishap, the reporter named Tammy took the controversial route and referred to a rumor instead.

At the 6:10 mark of the video below, she can be heard rudely asking, “Do you feel like owing Emma Watson a drink or dinner to thank her for turning down the role [in La La Land]?”

Obviously shocked, Stone still managed to keep it classy, “Oh my god, you know what? She’s doing great. She’s… the coolest. She’s Belle. Right? I mean, I think it’s all… it’s all good. I think she’s amazing.”

Stone did raise her eyebrows a bit, just to let everyone know that it was just not cool.

Twitter users also think so:

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