Elon Musk is ‘Kind of Homeless,’ Has Sleepovers With Larry Page Every Week

It turns out that even billionaires need a buddy with an extra bedroom (or six) to sleep over at sometimes.
In Ashlee Vance’s new book, “Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” set to be released May 19, Google co-founder and fellow billionaire Larry Page reveals that Elon Musk hits him up every week to crash at his Silicon Valley mansion. Page explains in the book:

“He’s kind of homeless, which I think is sort of funny […] He’ll e-mail and say, ‘I don’t know where to stay tonight. Can I come over?’ ”

The billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX doesn’t actually own any property in Silicon Valley where Tesla Motors is based. He does own a $17 million mansion in Los Angeles, but when he flies up to the Bay Area for work every week, he often stays with Larry Page, who owns two houses on one property, one six-bedroom house and an eco-friendly mansion in Palo Alto.
“I haven’t given him a key or anything yet,” Page says of his sleepover buddy.
We hope this doesn’t make Larry Page’s other BFF, Sergey Brin, jealous.
Source: Business Insider
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