We Need to Pay Attention To What Elon Musk Did Last Week

Last Thursday, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles, California. It was also the day people could start reserving it for $1,000.
Within 24 hours, Elon Musk tweeted that his company had already sold 180,000 Tesla Model 3 orders, generating a whopping $7.5 billion in sales in just one day.
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Lets put this in perspective. Here are the current net worths of some of today’s well-known billionaires, according to Forbes.
This means that Elon Musk made his company more money IN ONE DAY than any of the above people did in their WHOLE CAREERS.
As of now, Tesla Model 3 orders has hit $14 billion in sales with roughly 325,000 orders. It has a planned released date of late 2017 with a based price of $35,000.
But here’s the thing: What Musk unveiled last Thursday is just a prototype. The look of the final product is TBD and the release date could be push — as it has for past models.
This means that Tesla managed to get over 300,000 people — many who waited in line for DAYS — to put down $1,000 to reserve a car with no guaranteed released date or whether the final product and price will remain the same. 
“Not all of those reservations will convert to actual orders, of course. But even if only half of them do, 150,000 Model 3s would amount to more plug-in electric cars than General Motors, Toyota, Ford, BMW, or VW Group has sold in more than five years. Only Nissan has sold more (slightly over 200,000 as of last month).” – says Green Car Reports’ John Voelcker
We can only compare Elon Musk to another man who’s also been able to build such brand loyalty and hype.
Well played Elon. Well played.
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