Elon Musk Locked Out of Twitter Account After Saying He Loves Anime

elon musk anime

On Monday, Elon Musk took to Twitter again to let the world know how much he loves anime, only Twitter didn’t seem to believe it was Musk tweeting and subsequently locked his account.

elon musk anime

Musk tweeted “i <3 anime,” later adding that he owns a “chibi Wolverine,” a smaller, rounder, anime-style version of the iconic X-Men mutant.


Several hours later, Musk made it known that Twitter believed his account got hacked and locked him out briefly.

Of course, Twitter had some fun with what some have called “bizarre posts”:

Last week, Musk set off a storm after tweeting he was a fan of the hugely popular anime film “Your Name,” prompting mostly praise from both Musk’s and anime fans alike.

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