This French Student’s Instagram Beautifully Captures the Lost Art of Handwriting

The joy of pressing ink to paper is one many in the modern age of technology have forgotten about. One Instagram user is bringing it back, however. Ellina T’s Instagram account beautifully captures the beauty of traditional methods of writing.

The French student enjoys writing and sketching pictures in notebooks with her fountain pens.

“I write down anything that I find interesting, useful, curious. I recored travels, experiences, ideas, things I learn and discover.” 

“Generally it’s either something I’d like to reference later or life things I’d like to remember. I try to put no limits on what I write about.”

“For example this page contains notes on the last book I read, quotes from a podcast, quotes from videos, currently inked pens. And a little house ;)” 

“A fountain pen really becomes a part of you the more you use it and take care of it. That’s why I’m so attached to my collection.”

“Historically, a commonplace book is a way to record what a person learns and reads throughout their life. My notebook contains all the things I find interesting in life or online — quotes from books, recipes, interviews with people, Spanish words, programming language syntax, anything. It’s my personal reference book.”

“I put no limitations on things that can go into my notebook. It’s an ‘anything and everything’ notebook for me.”

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