Find Out Why This Young Lady Quit Her Six-Figure Job at Google


Right now, you’re building your startup Mend with hopes that it is successful. Aside from that, do you have any other goals in your life that you’d like to accomplish?

“So when I left Google, like I said I didn’t leave to start Mend, that happened which has been wonderful, but I left and there were a lot of different things I was interested in, so I’m still trying to maintain exploring those things now. Obviously the majority of my time goes into Mend now, but I’m also really interested in baking, and I talk about it in my article. It was this thing that I never really thought was worthy of my time, like baking, okay, that’s a little hobby that I do, but I actually get a lot of joy out of baking. So, all those things that I really enjoy doing, I’m really trying to spend more time doing them. I’m writing a lot more, I’m reading a lot more, and I get asked a lot what my idea of success is now and there are two things that I’m really focused on that I tell people when they ask me. They aren’t really related to a job or a specific activity or a hobby, or something that I want to accomplish, but I’m really interested in being a more mindful person, like being more in the present moment. Then I’m really interested in compassion and I think compassion for other people, for yourself, and the world around you is really powerful. So I try to really focus on those two things, like maybe you could call them my M.O., and I try to focus less on specific accomplishments now like I used to in the past. I used to think more about like, okay, well if I can get this promotion or if I get this thing done or if I do this, then ill be happy, but now I’m more focused on sort of those two things out of life.”

Lastly, give us some words of wisdom or advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

“Yeah, which is kind of funny because I consider myself a young aspiring entrepreneur, but I guess what I would tell my friends and peers is to take care of yourself. I think that the culture right now, and this is a huge generalization, but I do think that there’s part of the startup culture that’s like ‘sacrifice everything’ including your well being, your health, and just like throw it all out on the line. I worry about that because I really think that your well being is incredibly important, like getting sleep and eating good food and having alone time, time to think, time to reflect, like having solitude, all of that I think is really important and fuels creativity. So when I find myself getting out of that routine, like not sleeping enough, eating really crappy food, or being really stressed out and not actually doing anything to relieve the stress like going for a run or whatever it is, I really try to remember that yes, even though it will take me a little extra time to go to the farmer’s market and pick up some vegetables or go for a run or sleep, go to bed an hour earlier, I try to remember that that’s really crucial and that in the long term it is better for me. So my advice is take care of yourself, don’t let the stress of it kill you, and don’t feed off the stress.”


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