Ellen DeGeneres Slammed for Being ‘Rude’, ‘Insensitive’ Toward Taiwanese Ukulele Prodigy

Ellen DeGeneres is receiving criticism over her conversation with an 11-year-old ukulele prodigy from Taiwan.

Feng E, who’s been playing the instrument for six years, made it to “The Ellen Show” after his video of taking it to the streets went viral.


Before performing Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas,” Feng E sat with DeGeneres in front of her audience to talk about himself and his talent.

Unfortunately, the conversation, facilitated by a translator, became “uncomfortable” for some when DeGeneres started making “rude” reactions to her guest explaining himself in his native tongue.

Image via YouTube / The Ellen Show

Right after her first question, DeGeneres began making faces after what she thought was a lengthy answer.

“It’s a simple question,” she says as the audience erupts in laughter.

Image via YouTube / The Ellen Show

She kept a similar reaction after asking him whether it’s important to have “flexible fingers” in Taiwan.

“He’s a talker, huh?” she tells the translator.

Image via YouTube / The Ellen Show

Shortly, DeGeneres mimics Feng E’s gesture of how fast he sees cars in Los Angeles — and tells him that he’s wrong.

“No they don’t [jump],” she mouths. “No cars jump. Where’s he hangin’ out?”

Image via YouTube / The Ellen Show

While Feng E received a well-deserved standing ovation for his stellar performance, some viewers are disappointed about how his interview turned out, calling DeGeneres “rude” and “insensitive.”

Image via YouTube / The Ellen Show

Facebook users commented:

However, others came to DeGeneres’ defense, pointing out that it was all just for laughs.

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