Meet the 11-Year-Old Girl Who Can Probably Lift More Than You

You’ll never know when a Japanese girl can lift you like a piece of cake.

Meet Elle Hatamiya, an 11-year-old weightlifter, gymnast and martial artist from California.

Elle is the USA Weightlifting National Champion in two age brackets (11U + 13U at 31 kg). She lifts 1.5 times her weight during regular front squats, 88rising said.

Elle also won the State Champion on Beam and Floor for Level 5 gymnastics.

When time permits, Elle immerses herself in Cuong Nhu, a form of Vietnamese martial arts.

Elle has 19.4K followers on Instagram, where her mom regularly posts her workout and training clips. She has a blog and a YouTube channel, too.

That being said, Elle reminds us how Japanese girls are always better at something.

You go, Elle!

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