Asian Guy Epically Rips Apart Racist Girls Who Don’t Date ‘His Kind’

As an Asian man growing up in America, I’ve been called every racial slur possible: Chink, Gook, Nip, you name it. My peers have also claimed that I have ‘small penis’ or that I’m a bad driver (to be fair, I’m definitely not that good of a driver, but that’s another story) just because I’m Asian.

So you can imagine my happiness when I see an Asian man laying the smackdown on those who try to reject him because of his race.

Eliot Chang is an Asian American comedian who’s very active on YouTube. In one of his more popular videos, he approaches girls and tries to pick them up. However, they proceed to give some racist reasons of why they’re not interested in him, like…

Chang then proceeds to roast the crap out of them with his epic one-liners. While the video was posted over 2 years ago, it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Watch the video below:

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