Elephants Squad Up to Rescue Baby From Drowning at South Korean Zoo

An incredible moment passed when two adult elephants came to the rescue of a calf drowning in a swimming pool at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea.

Surveillance footage released by the zoo on June 18 shows the baby elephant playing in the water near the adult elephants when the calf suddenly loses its balance and falls into the enclosure’s pool, according to ABC News. 

Check out the close call below:

As the calf thrashes about in the water, one of the adult elephants frantically circle the pool. 

A second adult elephant runs into the swimming pool with the other adult elephant to try and rescue the panic-stricken calf.

Together, they proved that teamwork is important in solving problems as the pair managed to herd the calf to safety on the side of the pool, where the adult elephants used their trunks to hold up the young one.

A third elephant can be seen in the background running back and forth in panic in its enclosure as it watched the scene unfold.

Zoo employees said no animals were hurt during the commotion.

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