Elderly Oakland Victim Speaks Out After Being Robbed and Dragged By Car

Elderly Oakland Victim Speaks Out After Being Robbed and Dragged By Car

May 25, 2021
A 71-year-old male victim who was viciously attacked in a broad daylight robbery in Oakland, Calif., last week has come out to give details on the harrowing experience.
What happened: The victim, who wishes to remain unidentified, was trying to pick up a trash can from the curb in a Grand Lake neighborhood on May 19 when the attack happened, according to ABC7.
  • The man said a vehicle stopped near the home’s driveway. When he asked the car to move, the woman in the car allegedly pulled him from his back and pushed him towards the car.
  • The assailant was unsuccessful in her attempt to steal the victim’s wallet and phone.
  • “To distract me she bit me on my hand…she grabbed my neck and she pulled my necklace and took it,” the man said.
  • The victim, who was already weak and had to use a cane to walk, then fell on the car and was dragged about 10-20 feet while facedown, he told police.
  • He reportedly lost seven teeth as a result of the incident.
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The aftermath: The victim, a witness and a community leader spoke out about the recent incident and the violence towards the Asian American community.
  • “The cars that were behind us saw, had to have seen him lying in the middle of the street, they just went around him and kept going,” Linda, who was the only witness that helped the victim, told ABC7. “That was the thing that was the most shocking. No one stopped.”
  • The victim said that he hopes for more awareness and that he would “forever be grateful” to Linda for being a good samaritan.
  • Oakland Chinatown Chamber President and activist Carl Chan, who was also attacked while running errands in April, met with the victim on Monday to offer services through his foundation.
  • “We need victims to speak out because we know they are so afraid. I’m saying let’s not be afraid, let’s come out and talk about it because together we can make these changes,” he said.
The victim expressed concerns over getting his dental implants and medical costs covered. The Oakland Chinatown Chamber Foundation is handling his case along with others victims’ cases. The foundation is accepting donations to 388-9th Street #290, Oakland CA 94607 or PayPal.
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