Elderly Man Reportedly Kills Himself After Shooting Up the Chinese Consulate in L.A.

An elderly man killed himself after opening fire at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles early morning on Tuesday.

No one else was reportedly injured in the incident as the shooting occurred at around 6 a.m., way ahead of the consulate’s opening time, according to Reuters.

The Los Angeles Police Department found the suspect in his car dead from an apparent suicide via a gunshot wound.

A statement released by the Chinese consulate expressed extreme concern about the incident and had sought the assistance of the United States government to make sure the building and diplomats working there are properly protected. It also asked for the authorities to conduct a proper investigation of the matter.

As of this writing, the identity of the gunman and other details surrounding the incident have not been revealed by the police.  A description of him being “of Asian appearance” and possibly in his 60s came from consulate officials who cited police.

“Numerous rounds impacted the Chinese consulate,” LAPD Officer Michael Lopez was quoted as saying.

The windows and facade of the consulate building were reportedly peppered with bullets as the gunman allegedly fired his weapon at least 17 times, based on the accounts of a security staff of the consulate.

Feature Image via Wikimedia Commons / Heimstern

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