Elderly Man Assaulted on Video After Hitting Man’s Car With Machete in Thailand

Elderly Man Assaulted on Video After Hitting Man’s Car With Machete in Thailand
Ryan General
October 17, 2017
A video of an elderly Australian man getting knocked out cold from a powerful sucker punch landed by a much younger local man in Thailand surfaced online earlier this week.
According to the Daily Mail, 28-year-old Sumet Rungratanapan punched 72-year-old Colin Gerrard during a traffic dispute while being mediated by a traffic enforcer in Pattaya on Wednesday afternoon.
Reports revealed that Gerrard had earlier smashed the windows of the Thai man’s car with a machete and tried to run him over. Part of the incident was captured in dash-cam footage posted on Facebook:
Rungratanapan, a jewelry store owner, admitted that a miscommunication has caused him to damage the foreigner man’s vehicle with a scratch but said he apologized for it.
“I was driving my car and I wanted to overtake but the foreigner didn’t want me to go in front of him. He moved the car in front of me,” Rungratanapan was quoted as saying.
”After that I said sorry because I scratched his car but then the foreigner was shouting and swearing at me. It made me angry and I started to talk bad back to him.”

“The foreigner was shouting to stop the car and come outside. Why was he talking to me, a young person, saying ‘come here, come here’, so strongly? Then I walked over to him and he took the knife and he attacked my car with it. I was so angry and I just punched him.”
In the now-viral footage, the Thai man was initially seen telling the officer that he captured the moment when his car got bashed by Gerrard’s machete.
Gerrard can also be heard explaining that he indeed used the machete to stop Rungratanapan.
“I bash[ed] his car. Basically, I held the knife to stop him. I said, ‘stop, stop’. He attacked me.”
Rungratanapan is then seen apparently walking away before immediately turning around to land his blow.
Gerrard, who was out cold for about a minute, was later shown bleeding from the punch. He was immediately brought to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries on his face. 
Both men were questioned at Pattaya City Police Station the following day.
“We have to hear both sides of the story and the injured man must get a medical certificate from the hospital as evidence of his injuries,” said Police Lieutenant Colonel Nakhonrat Nonsilad. “Neither man has been charged. We have to wait for the interrogation of all parties, interviews with witnesses and check CCTV footage.”
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