Elderly Filipino Adorably Dresses Up Dog To Protect Him from the Rain

A Filipino man is going viral online after a video of him dressing up his pet dog so it won’t get wet and sick from the rain surfaced on Facebook last week.

The video, which was taken at the Agdao Market in Davao City, Philippines, was posted online by user Alilee Shalom Galilee on February 24.

It shows a dog just chilling in a bicycle basket while the owner dresses the canine up to make sure it doesn’t get wet from the light rain.

He wrapped the dog’s body with a cloth-like material, and the dog actually pulls it off!

The dog’s body may be safe from getting wet, but its head unfortunately was not. Good thing its owner brought a hat! It made the whole thing even more adorable than it already is!

The clip has been delighting the internet since going viral on Saturday.

Images screenshot via Facebook / Alilee Shalom Galilee

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