Elderly ‘DDR Grandpa and Grandma’ is Our Relationship Goal for 2068

Elderly ‘DDR Grandpa and Grandma’ is Our Relationship Goal for 2068
Bryan Ke
January 8, 2018
An elderly Japanese couple was recently caught on video playing “Dance Dance Revolution” at an arcade in Japan, and many netizens were impressed by them, earning them the unofficial title “DDR Grandpa and Grandma.”
The active couple was spotted at an arcade somewhere in Japan by Twitter user @XEP_BOSS.
By the looks of it, seems like the elderly couple doesn’t actually mind the attention they are getting from the younger generation as they continue to play, jump and follow the arrows that shows up on the screen.
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Judging by how they play, it’s safe to assume that they are not entirely new to the game. The grandma gave up early in the song, but the grandpa continued and tried his best to finish the entire round. What made it even more impressive is how he keeps his posture to maintain his balance by keeping his hands to his sides – and slightly bending his knees.
To those who are fairly new to the game – or only play it for fun – this type of posture is sometimes used by players who do not use the bar behind them, which is most often referred to as “no bar.”
Many Japanese netizens were quite impressed by the elderly couple’s skill in “Dance Dance Revolution.” Here are some of the comments that they wrote on Twitter, as translated by SoraNews24:
I wish I could move as well as these two!”
Aw, they seem so young! This has brought a smile to my face.”
It’s great to see older people embracing a game rather than just admonishing it.”
I too want to be a gamer for as long as I live!”
I wonder if we’ll see more couples like this as the younger generation gets older in the future?”
It’s quite sweet to see them bond and have fun on the game they both enjoy. Plus, it’s good to stay physically active at a later age.
Featured image via Twitter / @XEP_BOSS
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