Elderly Couple Married for 60 Years Wins Fight Against COVID-19 Together

Elderly Couple Married for 60 Years Wins Fight Against COVID-19 Together

April 23, 2020
An elderly couple from Wuhan, Hubei province, China successfully beat COVID-19 together, with one doctor describing their love as “inspiring.”
The 84-year-old man, Li Hongsheng, and his 79-year-old wife, Fu Chunzhi, returned to Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine last Thursday to show appreciation for the medical staff, according to China Daily.
The couple was discharged from the hospital on February 24.
“They held hands together when we took them downstairs for CT scans. They got through the tough time together. They are very much in love,” Yu Liping, the doctor who treated them, said. “Their love is very inspiring.”
Fu first showed her symptoms on February 4 when she developed a cough and a fever. Two days later, Li started to show similar symptoms and their CT scan results on February 7 showed infections in their lungs.
Fu’s condition was reportedly more severe than Li’s when they were admitted to the hospital on February 13 after being suspected of having the virus infection. Despite that, her husband’s recovery rate helped her get through the tough time.
“Seeing my husband getting better next to me everyday really calmed me down and gave me hope,” she said.
Li and Fu were put together in the same ward so they could support each other while fighting the infection.
“We put them into the same ward so they could encourage each other and won’t feel lonely,” Yu said. “Also, they were able to share additional information about each other’s health history with doctors.”
Nurses taking care of the elderly couple also had to be very patient as they were afraid of needles and were not fond of traditional Chinese medicines, the doctor added.
On the day of their release, both Li and Fu walked out of the hospital holding hands but had to undergo another 14-day quarantine inside their home.
“We received warm welcome from our neighbors. Seeing us fully recovered and still talking loudly cheered them up greatly,” the elderly woman said.
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