Elderly Couple See Each Other for One Last Time in Hospital’s ICU

An elderly couple in Shenzhen, China is melting hearts online after photos and videos emerged showing their meeting probably for the last time in a hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Peng and her husband Gao were both admitted to the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital after the wife suffered a brain hemorrhage on July 8 and her husband had a heart attack on July 17, according to Chinese media Weixin via World of Buzz.


On July 27, Peng woke up from her surgery and found out that her husband had been admitted to the ICU. Their daughter broke the news to her and Peng knew that her husband might not be able to make it.

She then requested the hospital to bring her to his ICU ward, knowing that this could be the last chance she could see her husband of 57 years.

The hospital granted her request, even though she hadn’t recovered from her surgery. Hospital staff helped move her to her husband’s room and placed their bed next to each other.

Peng then held his hand while gently looking at his face. She then called out to him even though she knew that he couldn’t open his eyes, saying, “old man… old man…”

However, their reunion only lasted for 10 minutes as their daughter didn’t want to overwhelm Peng and worsen her condition.

“Initially, I didn’t expect the hospital staff to agree to send my mum to my dad’s ICU ward. I’m really grateful because not only did they agree to do so, but they took immediate action as well,” her daughter said. “I’m more relieved now, and the burden has been lifted because mum got to see dad for the last time.”

Images via Weixin

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